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Dear cherished visitors,

   We extend a warm welcome to all who have found their way to our website. In the tapestry of our existence as the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Poland, there is a crucial chapter awaiting fulfillment – the attainment of legal registration and recognition.

    For years, our church has stood steadfast on Polish land, yet the formal acknowledgment eludes us. To serve independently and to continue our mission of promoting our country's rich history and culture, legal registration in Poland is imperative.

To achieve this milestone, we humbly seek the signatures of a hundred (100) individuals, each over 18 years of age, possessing Polish citizenship. Although our community in Poland is vast, comprising mainly students, many lack the necessary citizenship.

   While we have made strides in gathering nearly half of the required signatures, the journey is far from complete. Thus, we turn to you, our community, and beyond, seeking your valuable support. Regardless of your faith or absence thereof, you are invited to contribute to this significant spiritual and historical endeavor. 

For guidance on completing the document, submission details, or any related queries, please reach out to:

  • Hadas Trojanowska (+48665347215) --- ul.inflancka 19/346, 00-189, Warsaw

  • Agnieszka Garnyś (+48609946996) --- ul.Wojska Polskiego 25/26, 70-470, Szczecin

(N.B. All payments will be covered by the church. We sincerely require your signature and support only)​

May God bless you abundantly for your wholehearted cooperation in making history and realizing this sacred milestone!

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