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Finding a Place to rent in Poland!

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

There are common website that you can find rooms and apartments to rent while living in Poland. But first there are somethings we need to know about the rules and ticky points included in the offers.

The first thing is there is something called a deposit that you have to pay when renting a room in Poland. This is usually the same amount of money as a one month rent that you need to pay for the owner when signing the contract. this is used as backup for them incase any damage happens to the rooms or equipment inside the room. when you finish your contact they will check the room and return the money if everything looks fine. If not, they will cut some amount of money that they think will replace the damage.

The other thing is when signing a contract it is usuallyy going to be for 6month or 1 year. Incase you decide to leave the house before the contact ends without notifying them 1 or 2 months before(depends on the rules of the contract) , guess what they will take the deposit :) .

And the rooms can be single or double but almost always kitchen and bathroom will be shared with other tenats. The price ranges may vary from city to city but on average for single rooms it falls between 700 - 850 PLN.

Make sure to check the offer that the rent you pay is including all utilities(electricity, Water, Gas, Internet...) or else you might need to pay additional fees for these services.

This is a very good website to find accomodation. You can filter your options based on city, Region , Price etc...

There will be images that show the rooms and along with that there will be a form that you can write a message to the owners.

You can also call them or send SMS messages directly to the owners by clicking the call me/ SMS button and the phone number will be displayed.But be sure to create account and log in first. or else the phone number will be displayed.

Facebook marketplace

facebook has tab called marketplace where you can find all sorts of thing to buy starting from electronics devices to clothes and many other things.

For our case , it has a section called Rentals and inside there you can find all sorts of deal for renting rooms. similar to it offers many filtering options that you can use the best deal for you.

once seeing the photos of the rooms you can write a facebook message to them asking the availability of the offer and any additonal questions regarding the rooms.

If agreed, you can set up a time to meet and move in

Other website liste include -

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